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We specialise in state-of-the-art security printing, consistently setting new standards in the industry. Our commitment lies in enhancing the security, durability, and traceability of our products, which ensure the highest level of protection against counterfeiting.

Escher® digital 3D intaglio design

The Escher® method demonstrates different 3D intaglio workflows and methods in the context of banknote design and production. The Escher® house notes feature two kinds of images: a 3D model designed by an artist and an object digitised by a 3D scanner. This method opens up new avenues for banknote designers and poses challenges to counterfeiters at every stage.

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Our approach to innovation has always been collaborative. We work hand-in-hand with our customers and our proven partners in the industry to achieve the best results.


Dr. Daniel Schwarzbach, Director Innovation

DUAL® a connected banknote for CBDC

The connected banknote is a customisable CBDC solution. It bridges the physical and digital worlds of a currency, complementing cash.

DUAL® is a physical banknote that interacts with a CBDC solution. It acts as a transitional bridge between traditional and CBDC-based payment systems. It can be used as a classic banknote; however, the owner can transfer its value to a digital wallet by scanning the private key with a mobile device. The transfer of value is fast, transparent, secure and easy to use.

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Orell Füssli Discovery App®

The Orell Füssli Discovery App® is a framework developed by Orell Füssli, customisable for each currency. With this app, you can easily explore the design and verifiable security features of your banknote.

The app is a perfect educational tool to support the launch of new or upgraded denominations, boosting banknote security. The app’s user experience is highly intuitive. It combines image recognition and educational and gamification elements, making use of the smartphone's sensor array.

The app is trained using machine learning and recognises banknotes from a banknote scan. You can experience the banknote like a physical banknote in IR, UV and sunlight. The content of the app can be easily customised according to your needs and requirements.

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