Security Printing EN


The Artistry Behind Security


At Orell Füssli we believe that design and security go hand-in-hand. We excel in creating outstanding banknote designs with maximum counterfeit protection.

Design builds bridges and makes complex content accessible. Orell Füssli is an expert in this field and creates visual narratives recognized intuitively. We do this by prioritising research and working closely with Central Banks to fully understand a country's cultural identity and how it can be expressed through design. The resulting designs are easy to verify and highly trusted.


Our design team specializes in creating visual presentations that help central banks and governments convey complex information to the general public.


Thomas Scholler, Head of Operations


The origination process transforms the banknote design into a printable, secure document. There are several aspects to be taken into consideration when turning a banknote design into printable data.

The origination process is closely connected with banknote design but also demands a deep understanding of print-plate-making and printing. Origination requires an aesthetic notion of design issues, in-depth knowledge of the various security features, and an understanding of printing machines and processes.

Advisory Services

Established in response to industry demand, Orell Füssli offers unbiased advice based on proven methodologies.

Services include operational excellence for currency printing, independent project management for new series designs and special technologies, support in improving sustainability through life cycle assessments and business continuity management. The principle of conferring objective advice makes Orell Füssli a trusted partner for Central Banks and printing works seeking to optimise currency production and distribution.