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art of security

With unparalleled precision, exceptional design and the highest security standards, Orell Füssli creates unique high-security documents for customers worldwide.

Orell Füssli is a leading specialist in high-security printing and a supplier of secure banknotes and identification documents to Central Banks and issuing authorities. 


Banknotes are important ambassadors for a country. They epitomise security and quality, two key principles that Orell Füssli Security Printing focuses on when designing and producing banknotes.

Identification documents and systems

Orell Füssli sets the highest standards in the production of passports, visas and driving licences. Our innovative technologies guarantee the highest level of protection for your valuable documents. 

Join us on a journey that spans centuries as we redefine the security printing landscape. We do this with unwavering dedication to quality, security, and precision.


Our goal is to revolutionise security printing by continually investing in innovation, enabling our clients to benefit from the latest advances.


Our historic ambition has always been to run our business in an environmentally friendly mannerWaste prevention, recycling, careful resource use are part of our daily operations. 


At Orell Füssli, we believe that design and security go hand in hand. We excel at creating outstanding banknote designs with maximum counterfeit protection.


The origination process transforms the banknote design into a printable, secure document. Our origination experts have extensive knowledge of various security features and an understanding of printing machines and processes.


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Security printing

Escher® portraits - advancing digital 3D portrait design

Orell Füssli’s Escher® method is featured in the Concept Notes published by Currency News.

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Security printing

Towards a more sustainable production at OFS

Intaglio printing creates unique graphic elements on a banknote and has been in use for centuries. During this process, a wiping solution removes excess ink from the surface of the intaglio printing plates.

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Security printing

Reprint of the beautiful Madagascar 1,000 Ariary cotton banknote

Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara launched the beautiful current Ariary banknote series in 2017; since then, the series has been in circulation.

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Security printing

The new Swiss driving licence

As of April 15, 2023, anyone who orders a driver's license in Switzerland will receive the latest generation of driver's licenses designed and produced by Orell Füssli.

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Security printing

The new Swiss passport

Today the Swiss Federal Police fedpol has launched a new Swiss passport replacing the famous old one. The new Swiss passport is a tribute to a country driving innovation and creativity. It reflects the beautiful nature of Switzerland and the country's openness to the broader world.

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