Security Printing EN


Banknotes, important national ambassadors, embody Orell Füssli's core principles of security and quality. At Orell Füssli, we don't just print banknotes; we craft guardians of security and quality.

Unmatched security, innovation and design 

Our commitment lies in the seamless fusion of cutting-edge security technologies with innovative design. This commitment culminates in creating banknotes that boldly showcase clear and distinctive statements of values and identity.

From design to production

As masters of the entire banknote production process, from design to printing and distribution, Orell Füssli designs and prints banknotes that are resistant to counterfeiting and alterations.


With an unwavering commitment to advancing security, our teams persistently strive to create more secure and sustainable banknotes.


We guide you through every step of security document creation. Together, we generate cutting-edge banknotes and security documents that are admired worldwide.


Dr. Michael Kasch, Managing Director Security Printing

A glance into our production