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Identification documents and systems

We specialize in the global supply of identification solutions and related technologies, whether in centralized or decentralized systems. Our core business is the design, printing, and delivery of high-security documents, including passports, visas, ID cards, and driving licenses.


As a single point of contact for our customers, Orell Füssli offers a modular end-to-end identity management solution for visa issuance systems. 

Modern visa management systems play a vital role in enhancing security for countries and convenience for travellers. Orell Füssli's Visa Management System provides a secure, data-driven, user-friendly, and efficient solution. We use a customised approach to implement all country-specific requirements for centralised data management and decentralised visa issuance.


Passports designed and produced by Orell Füssli are genuinely unique. They stand as an authentic national symbol of the issuing country.

Our professionally created designs incorporate anti-counterfeiting features and Swiss perfectionism to ensure the highest level of security. We offer an e-passport booklet containing polycarbonate and paper-based data pages, providing travellers with a seamless and secure experience.


Our expertise ensures compliance with the most stringent national and international standards, providing security and authenticity through design.


Dr. Bernhard Deufel, Director Government ID

Driving Licence

Orell Füssli is a general contractor for the Swiss driving licence and has been providing secure documents that comply with ISO standards (ISO 18013-1) for over 20 years.

Orell Füssli Group is committed to digital transformation and security. As part of this effort, Orell Füssli's digital division, Procivis Ltd., has developed a mobile driving license that can be accessed via a smartphone. This digital driving license has already been certified according to ISO standards (ISO 18013-5).

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