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Towards a more sustainable production at OFS

Intaglio printing creates unique graphic elements on a banknote and has been in use for centuries. During this process, a wiping solution removes excess ink from the surface of the intaglio printing plates.

To improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of production, OFS has invested in a HIREC wiping solution recovery system installed by MEMBRAFLOW control systems GmbH. The new system uses highly durable ceramic membrane elements to remove the ink from the wiping solution, which can be reused.


By implementing this new system, we can now recycle up to 2500 litres of chemicals per hour, resulting in up to 96% recovery rate.


Andreas Brunner, Head of Operations

We are excited to add this new system to our production process to reduce our environmental impact further and promote sustainable practices in the production of banknotes and high-security printing documents.

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