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Meet the Orell Füssli Discovery App

Orell Füssli Discovery App is a framework developed by Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing, customizable for your currency. With this app, you can easily explore the design and verifiable security features of your banknote.

This app is a perfect educational tool to support the launch of new or upgraded denominations, boosting banknote security. It also helps the public to expand their knowledge of banknotes and with the help of gamification, the App allows people to test their knowledge playfully.

The App is educated with the help of machine learning and detects banknotes from a banknote scan. You can experience the banknote like a physical banknote in IR, UV and sunlight. The user experience is intuitive: you can physically tilt your mobile device to explore banknote security elements. When tilting the device against sunlight, see-through features appear. The tactile elements can be clearly felt by running your fingers along the note. Optically variable elements change color dynamically depending on the orientation of your phone.

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