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Orell Füssli is a leading specialist in high-security printing and a supplier of secure banknotes and identification documents to Central Banks and Issuing Authorities worldwide. 

Orell Füssli is a venerable testimony to the rich history of printing. The company can trace its roots back through the centuries as one of the world's oldest printing companies. Proudly representing a tradition steeped in exacting quality standards and technological precision, we are an integral part of the Orell Füssli Group, listed on the SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange).

Orell Füssli Group

In Zurich, Switzerland, we produce banknotes and identification documents using a wide range of substrates. Here, our skilled artisans and cutting-edge technologies converge to deliver superior security printing solutions.

Our commitment to excellence extends to identity systems, innovative security features, and comprehensive design and consultancy services. Our extensive experience and solid customer base further solidify our position as industry leaders.

With unparalleled precision, exceptional design and the highest security standards, Orell Füssli creates unique, high-security documents for customers worldwide.

500 years of experience

Operating worldwide

160 employees

Production site in Zurich

Listed on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange

33% of shares held by The Swiss National Bank

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